VI Congreso Internacional de Educación Médica

V Congreso Internacional de Simulación

12 al 16 de junio de 2018

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México


The following section presents a series of questions and answers related to the registration, and submission of papers on medical education research for the VI International Congress of Medical Education and V International Simulation Congress in June 2018.

1. How many papers can I submit?

There is no limit of papers to participate in VI CIEM, please consider that each paper accepted for the Congress, will be programmed according to each thematic area and can be programmed to be presented in the period of 13 to 15 of June of the 2018.

2. Is there a limit of authors to credit for each paper?

The designation of a person as the author of a paper, must be accepted by the definitions within the field, so it is recommended to review the following reference: Within the format for papers submitted, section 6: CONTRIBUTION OF AUTHORS, which refers to the declaration of the contribution of each registered author in the paper must be specified for each of the registered authors, if there is an omission of authorship contribution, the Scientific Committee can make the decision to dismiss the paper submitted.

3. Can I include authors after the paper is sent through the platform?

It is not possible to include authors after the submission of papers in the platform, the file that is sent will be the one that will be taken into account for registration. Therefore, we kindly ask you to review your document before submitting it.

4. Is it possible to modify the final version of the file after submitting it in the platform?

The file submitted in the platform of papers registry, will be the file submitted for opinion by the Evaluation Committee. It is not possible to change or modify the file. If the author re-registers the paper, the- following submission will be canceled by the platform.

5. My paper was declared not accepted and I have received observations from the evaluators, can I send the paper again after correcting it?

It is possible to send the paper once the corrections indicated by the Evatuation Comitee have been met, but only if they are minor corrections, that is, if the corrections indicate deficiencies in the approach of the research problem or the methodology used, those corrections that imply the re- structure of the whole paper , will not apply to be sent again, considering the time required to perform the whole process again.

6. Can I choose the day of the presentation during the VI CIEM?

The programming of presentations for free papers accepted in July 13 to 15 2018, will be made by blocks of papers within the same area, the criteria to be programmed initially, will be determined by the submission of the paper in the platform, if the paper is sent prior to the deadline, the opportunity to be programmed initially will be higher.

7. Is it possible to change the modality of presentation for papers accepted?

Once the oral presentation modality of the paper is defined, it will not be possible to change it. The presentation of the paper during the congress should be done as selected.

8. Who can present the paper during the event?

Accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors, being necessary that the presenter performs the process of registration to the congress.
The presentation of the paper will not be allowed by someone who was not initially registered as the author in the submission format; registration to the congress is personal and non-transferable.

9. I was informed of the date, time and place of the presentation of my accepted paper, but I cannot be there, can I re-schedule my presentation?

Once the Scientific Committee has assigned the date, time and place for the presentation of the paper, in case of non-compliance with the schedule, it will not be possible to reprogram the presentation.

10. The paper I sent has been accepted, is it already part of the memoirs of VI CIEM?

The receipt of the paper does not imply acceptance of it to be presented during the Congress, it will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee, once the paper is accepted, it will be scheduled to be presented during the event, but both the registration and the registration fee of one of the authors of the paper must be done no later than May 4, 2018, thus ensuring the inclusion of the paper in the memoirs of the VI CIEM.

11. Can I increase the number of slides in the PechaKucha presentation?

The PechaKucha presentation technique is based on the principle of using 20 slides, each of which will have an exposure time of 20 seconds. There is an official format for the presentation, so you cannot extend the number of slides in the presentation. In case a file with more slides is received, the Scientific Committee will notify the main author of the work to correct and adjust to 20 slides his PechaKucha presentation.

13. For the oral presentation supported by poster, can the presentation be made by more than one author?

The time assigned for the presentation of papers in poster mode, will be the same for all participants, so it is the responsibility of the main author to determine if more than one person will be presenting , it is highly recommended that only one person presents the paper, at the end of the presentation time, the evaluator will start the round of questions, with no possibility of granting more time for the presentation of the paper.

14. How will the best papers of VI CIEM be chosen?

Each of the accepted papers will have a previous evaluation that will be averaged with the evaluation during the Congress, in such a way that each modality of presentation will choose the best papers.

15. Will the certificate of presentation be granted to all authors?

A certificate of presentation of the paper during the VI CIEM to the authors registered in the paper will be granted, provided that:

  1. The paper was presented in the screen, and defended with the evaluator, for the case of oral presentation mode supported with poster.
  2. The paper has been presented in the room at the scheduled time, for the case of presentations in PechaKucha mode.

It will not be considered as attendance (and therefore, no certificate of presentation will be granted) if the poster is assembled but no one defends the work, or the PechaKucha presentation file is given but the presenter is absent.

16. I am one of the authors of a free paper presented during the VI CIEM but I have no certificate of assistance, how can I recover it?

The certificate of presentation of papers during VI CIEM will be issued to all registered authors; the certificate of attendance to the conference will be granted to attendees who have registered and covered the registration fee for the event.