VI International Congress of Medical Education

V International Congress of Medical Simulation

June 12th - 16th 2018

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México

The Challenges of Medical Education in the Era of Complexity

The Asociación Mexicana de Escuelas y Facultades de Medicina A. C. (AMFEM) gives you the warmest welcome and appreciates your interest in participating in the VI International Congress of Medical Education and the V International Congress of Simulation in Medical Education, which will take place at the hotel "El Cid Castilla" from June 12th to 16th 2018.

It is our pleasure, to put at your disposal, the following Exhibitor's Manual which will bring you valuable information regarding terms and policies established by AMFEM and the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, concerning the guideline you should follow for the physical space rented (stand) inside the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION, as well as information about: safety, access to compounds, assembling exhibitions, personnel operation during event days as well as dismantling information.

1. Stand inside the commercial exhibition

1.1. The physical space (stand) accounts only to the space hired by the exhibitor within the area of COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, by no means whatsoever, the exhibitor should expand said area.
1.2. The stand previously hired includes the following:
1.2.1. Physical space of 3 x 2 meters (6 square meters)
1.2.2. One half board, one tablecloth and two chairs.
1.2.3. Two electrical contacts of 110 volts
1.2.4. Cleaning (this is not a private service)
1.2.5. Security rounds 24 hrs. (this is not a private service)
1.2.6. Shared trash cans
1.3. The stand does not include
1.3.1. Screens or splits
1.3.2. Additional electricity contacts or multicontacts
1.3.3. Gardening or decoration
1.3.4. Maneuvers, loading/unloading personnel
1.4. Only two exhibitor badges are included in the price, this will give access to exhibitors to the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, and will allow them to remain at their stand during the event.
1.5. The exhibitor must send the list with the names of the people that will attend his/her stand, by April 30th 2018 at the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Only previously registered personnel with an exhibitor's badge will have access to the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION.
1.6. The exhibitor's badge, is personal and non-transferable, and should be visible at all times.
1.7. The presence inside each stand of people with no exhibitor's badge will be not allowed.
1.8. In case the exhibitor needs more than the badges included, he/she should deliver as soon as possible the list of names to the General Coordinator, and should need to cover the payment of $1,000.00 MXN plus tax per badge.
1.9. Signs and counters: the placement of signs and counters of any kind is permitted only in the areas specified by the hotel, previous written authorization must be granted.

2. Basic rules

2.1. In case of needing maneuver and loading/unloading personnel, we kindly request to notify the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA personnel at least 15 days prior to the event. Bell Boys are bound to handle guest's luggage and not loading or unloading materials for exhibitions.
2.2. All maneuvers personnel that is not registered as a guest at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, must register at the hotel's security department, leaving an official ID in exchange of a badge that will identify them inside the compounds, he/she should wear said badge at all times, and should return it at the end of their activities in exchange of their IDs.
2.3. The HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA has: rooms, commercial hall, exhibits area, lobbies, esplanades, offices and public common areas, spaces with different types of walls and floors, so we kindly request the exhibitors to be careful handling materials to avoid damage of the facilities.
2.4. It is strictly prohibited to carry firearms inside the facilities of HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, as well as introduce explosives, sharp objects, or any other object that puts in danger the safety of the assistants at the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION, hotel personnel, guests or any other person inside the facilities. If someone is caught committing any of these actions, they will be apprehended and delivered to the authorities.
2.5. Smoking is not allowed inside rooms and interior areas of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.
2.6. The exhibitor is obliged to follow the rules, terms and policies established in this EXHIBITOR'S MANUAL, assuming full responsibility of the consequences derived by the breach of said manual, either by paying penalty fees, sanctions, or even the eviction of the facilities of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.

3. Safety

3.1. The exhibitor recognizes that the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, will not be responsible of guarding equipment, supplies, materials, furniture, documents, or any other valuable items left on the common areas of the hotel, during the loading and unloading of the stands. As a consequence, the exhibitor recognizes that he/she will be responsible for the safety of the items mentioned above, assuming full responsibility in case of any loss. With prior notice, the hotel s event coordinator can assess the exhibitor to hire private security personnel which will have and additional cost.
3.2. The exhibitor will deliver the general coordinator and the security department of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, the list of names that will be working in the loading and unloading and attending the stand during the event, for both his/her personnel or personnel hired by them.
3.3. In case the exhibitor needs to use a harness for maneuvers, a written notification should be sent to the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA at least 30 days prior to the event; a special harness manual will be sent.
3.4. Every supplier hired by the exhibitor providing services such as: audio equipment, video, lighting, scenography, events production, should comply with the following:

3.4.1. Submit a list of people that will enter the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, alongside a copy of insurance policy that protects the hotel in case one of the employees is harmed while working inside the facilities.
3.4.2. Assume full responsibility in case of theft or loss of equipment; the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, will not take any responsibility over any of the situations mentioned in this paragraphs.

3.5. All personnel hired by the exhibitor that needs the use of a safety harness to develop loading and unloading activities, should be previously instructed by the hotel EL CID CASTILLA and the exhibitor, about the correct placement, use and inspection for its safety. Every person working or supervising height activities, must wear a safety harness at all times, using it properly according to its design.
3.6. It is strictly prohibited to wear harnesses that have been altered or modified from its original design. As well as those harnesses that have withstood the fall of a person. The lifeline of the harness should not have knots.
3.7. All personal protective equipment that will be used during work on heights should be previously checked and approved by the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.
3.8. The hotels security department operates 24/7 and is responsible for the hotels general safety; however they do not monitor work meetings or events. It is sole responsibility of the exhibitor, to guard the safety of their personnel, equipment and belongings.
3.9. The exhibitor must follow and attend to the fire hazards regulation established by the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.
3.10. All diagram permits for special mounting in the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION presented by the exhibitor, must be approved by the events office of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA alongside the Security and Maintenance department.
3.11. If you plan on using smoke, fireworks, laser show or alike, an approval should be granted by the Security and Maintenance department prior to being installed at the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION.
3.12. It is strictly prohibited to place audiovisual equipment or exhibition counters that block access entrances, emergency exits or fire extinguish equipment inside the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION.

4. Setting up (mounting)

4.1. When the stand is being delivered to the exhibitor at the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area in the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, he/she should check the condition its being delivered, in case of noticing a damage, it should be notified then and there, to the general coordinator of the event or to the hotels representative, if this information is omitted, evidence will not be enough to prove that the stand was delivered in bad shape. During the final check and return of each stand, damages found will have to be paid fully by the exhibitor.
4.2. Setting up stands in the area of COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, will be held only on the time and date set by the Organizing Committee, and only in the space assigned by the General Coordinator, for this, please take into consideration the following dispositions:

SALÓN EL CID Schedule:
Setting up: Tuesday June 12th 2018, from 7:00 am to 00:00 (AC will be available)
Inauguration: Wednesday June 13th 2018, at 10:00 am
Disassembly: Saturday June 16th 2018, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm (no AC will be available)
* In case of not complying with the above, charges will apply for extra hours.

4.3. Loading and unloading of materials and equipment in the facilities of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, should be done between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. In case of needing a different time to do so, you must issue a written notification to the Organizing Committee 15 days prior to the event, in order to manage said authorization with the hotel.
4.4. The following activities: loading and unloading, access and exit of materials, tools, furniture, and any other item, should be held by access points, elevators, stairs and specified areas set by the Security Department of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, following instructions and timetable established in points 2.1 and 2.2, as well as those instructed by the Security supervisor in turn; it is strictly prohibited to block access entrances for loading and unloading as well as maneuvers patio of the hotel with vehicles, materials or equipment.
4.5. The exhibitor is responsible of handing over the facilities in the exact conditions, in which he/she received them. This includes cleaning of the areas, salons occupied during the event. In case of needing pickup or trash transportation, the payment for this should be completed before exiting the premises.
4.6. The HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA does not lend or rent, tools, stairs, materials used for loading and unloading or those not considered by the exhibitor.
4.7. During loading and unloading hours previously mentioned, AC will be turned on.
4.8. Extra cabling needed by the exhibitor, should be placed on their account, protecting it with adhesive tape to avoid accidents.
4.9. Audiovisual equipment that enters the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, (screens, displays, speakers, carts, pedestals, mixers, etc.) must be covered or draped accordingly.
4.10. Prior to entering the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION, the exhibitor must hand to the security personnel of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA a detailed list of inventory, including: equipment, materials, furniture, and utensils that will be introduced into the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION for the setup of your stand. The Hotel will not be held responsible for equipment losses that were not properly registered.

Time and date in which materials can be received: to be determined
Please label boxes and materials: AMFEM Stand Number

Please ship to:
Hotel El Cid Castilla Av.Camarón Sábalo S/N,
C.P. 82110, Mazatlán, Sinaloa. México.

4.11. The HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA is not responsible for the damage or loss of materials and belongings left at the hotel facilities, before, during or after the event.
4.12. Storage of promotional products, containers, tools or equipment is not allowed; halls of the foyer at the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION cannot be used, neither do hotels event offices.
4.13. HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA maintenance personnel will be the only ones that will point and authorize the use of electrical power. The voltage that will be provided is 120 volts, with a max power of 180 watts, in case of needing a 220 voltage a written quotation request must be sent at least 30 days prior to the event.
4.14. It is not allowed to use salons or areas of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA as a production or manufacturing workshop, assembling parts or modules previously done is allowed, as long as the activities do not damage the hotels facilities, likewise it is prohibited to use restrooms to clean materials such as brushes, tools paint buckets or other.
4.15. If the exhibitor, or any company hired by them, damages the hotel facilities, the exhibitor will be responsible to cover the corresponding payment of said damages, an evaluation to determine the cost of the damages will be carried on by the hotels maintenance department.
4.16. If the exhibitor or any company hired by them, damages the carpet of the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION, the exhibitor will need to pay a fee of $1000.00 MXN plus taxes, for each carpets module that is damaged.
4.17. It is forbidden to paint with spray, sprinkler or compression system inside the facilities of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA; in case of needing to use this type of equipment inside the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION, the exhibitor or company hired by them to perform said activities, are obliged to cover the whole area in which they will work, enclosing or isolating the space required not to affect adjacent areas (other stands or hotel facilities); if this requirement is not met, a penalty fee will apply to the exhibitor as well as paying for the damages produced.
4.18. It is not allowed to stick items or signage on floors and walls; the exhibitor must foresee agile designs, easy to assemble and disassemble which do not need modifications, alterations or damages to the hotels facilities; in case of needing signage, the exhibitor must present a written request to the Hotels event coordinator at least 15 days prior to the event, and an authorization from them should be granted in order to install said signage.
4.19. It is prohibited to paint, upholster, nail, screw, drill, weld or perform any activity that involves a risk of damage to furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, structures, columns, windows, doors, gates, handrails, pillars, stage, cabins, inside the facilities of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA; any damage produced by performing any of the activities mentioned above, will be responsibility of the exhibitor.
4.20. The exhibitor cannot place or distribute stickers, tape, masking-tape, over any area or surface of the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION.
4.21. The exhibitor cannot relocate furniture inside the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area, such as lounges, chairs, tables, pots, frames etc. If needed, a written request should be made to the events management of the hotel. Relocating furniture without the hotels consent and authorization will cause penalty fees and payment for damages; this will be taken directly from the guarantee fee left by the exhibitor.
4.22. At the end of the event, and the dismantling of the stand begins, all boxes, promotional items left over and other equipment must be removed from HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA as soon as possible. Storage on subsequent days will be subject to availability and will incur an additional charge.
4.23. The use of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA's check-room, is exclusive for the storage of guests luggage, it is not allowed to store equipment of any kind inside the check-room neither before nor after the event.

5. Presentation and behavior

5.1. During the assembly and dismantling of the stand within the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, the staff must wear their companys uniform at all times.
5.2. All of the exhibitor's personnel and suppliers personnel hired by them who carry out tasks of assembly and disassembly of scenographies, audiovisual equipment and sound within the
Manuel López Cotilla 754, Col. Del Valle, C.P. 03100,
Del. Benito Juárez, México D.F.
+52 (55) 5682 9482 | +52 (55) 56879323 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area or in the facilities of HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, shall Comply with dress codes (uniform) established by the Hotel.
5.3. In case the staff hired by the exhibitor, do not wear a uniform, appropriate dress should be worn.
5.4. Wearing shoes, t-shirt or shirt is required.
5.5. The access to the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA must be done in the places previously indicated.
5.6. The use of rude vocabulary by the exhibitors staff is not allowed either in the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area or inside the facilities of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, during the assembly of the stand, attention in the event, and dismantling of the stand.
5.7. Whistling, shouting or disturbing the order inside the facilities of HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA should be avoided. Please consider and respect other people who are in meeting rooms, halls or corridors.
5.8. The use of radios, recorders, players and other devices unrelated to the work they perform during the assembly, attention during the event, and dismantling of the stand is not allowed.
5.9. In case an accident occurs, first aid will be provided in sight, although the exhibitor must have insurance and is fully responsible for anything that occurs to their personnel.
5.10. The exhibitors personnel cannot use guest services and areas if they are not registered as a guest at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.
5.11. It is not allowed to enter food or drinks that were not purchased at the Hotel.


6.1. The exhibitors stand will remain installed inside the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA during the event, from June 13 to 16, 2018.
6.2. The use of common spaces such as corridors or lobbies is not allowed for demonstrations, assembly of exhibitions, commercialization of products and other activities without the prior authorization of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA; The Hotel
reserves the right to evacuate said areas in case of incurring an infraction, without assuming any responsibility and applying the corresponding fines to the exhibitor.
6.3. It is prohibited to introduce food and beverages inside the facilities of HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, as well as selling them within the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area; In case the Exhibitor requires introducing food and drinks for demonstration, tasting or as a gift to the attendees of the event, they must notify the Hotel in advance. In this case, it is only allowed to introduce manufactured products such as: sweets, candy, mints and similar products; under no circumstance bringing prepared foods is allowed inside the Hotel facilities.
6.4. For safety and hygiene issues, food that's been prepared inside the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area and that's been left over, cannot be given away to someone else, said food needs to be consumed during the following 2 hours of being served.
6.5. It is forbidden to carry out activities, exhibitions or shows in the area of the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION that may be illegal or contrary to morality and good customs; HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA reserves the right to cancel any activity that goes against the law or violates the basic principles of morality, education or moral coexistence.
6.6. It is not allowed to place inflated balloons with helium, blankets or use any type of fireworks and pyrotechnics within the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area.
6.7. Within the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION area, signs, signage or plaques must not be covered.
6.8. The Exhibitor may not place advertising without a written authorization in any area of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.
6.9. Hand written signs and signage is not allowed within any area of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.
6.10. The Exhibitor may not display any type of signage in the main lobby area of the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, only in the stand within the area of the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION that corresponds to them.
6.11. It is responsibility of the Exhibitor not to exceed the electrical power provided for the stand, which is 180 Watts, in case you install a greater number of contacts on your own, there is a risk of overloading the electrical installation and causing failures or short circuits that would affect the area of the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION, the expenses derived in the arrangement and composure will be charged by the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA to the Exhibitor.
6.12. Stands should remain clean at all times.
6.13. Boxes and materials used by the exhibitor to distribute and give away to the attendees, must be previously organized and remain that way at all times.
6.14. The use of confetti is prohibited inside the facilities of the COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA.

7. Accommodation

7.1. The Exhibitor and their staff must stay at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, venue of the event.
7.2. In the case the Exhibitor does not make the reservation of accommodation at the HOTEL EL CID CASTILLA, he / she must cover the daily admission cost per person to the Hotel facilities. The Hotel withholds the right of entry.

NOTE: This document must be delivered and signed without exception to the personnel of AMFEM upon arrival at the site in order to have access to the assembly.

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